What kind of eating disorder might I have?


is when you

  • Overeat in secret, either all or some of the time
  • Feel that your eating isn’t normal
  • Feel guilty about what you have eaten and feel like a bad person
  • Try all the time to lose weight or try to stop yourself from gaining weight
  • Think and anguish about food all the time
  • Feel out of control around certain kinds of food or any food.
  • You vomit, or take laxatives to get rid of unwanted calories, even if you have not overeaten
  • Binge and purge in secret but behave normally in front of others
  • You are diabetic and manipulate insulin for weight control – see our information pages about diabulimia
  • You promise to stop but it somehow doesn’t happen.

You might have this if:

  • You are obsessed with clean or pure foods
  • Avoiding certain nutrients like dairy food or wheat is a survival issue
  • Anxiety about the quality of food affects your life and relationships.

Please note I personally don’t treat active anorexia or AFRID but an happy to refer you to a trained colleague.

  • You feel huge, no matter what you weigh & you are terrified of weight gain
  • Your eating habits are very restricted
  • You hear a Voice telling you to keep eating less & berating you if you do eat
  • Other people are worried about you



If  a child has avoidant -restrictive feeding disorder:

  • They will be very picky with food
  • Anxious about eating
  • A nutritionally very narrow diet
  • Fails to thrive and grow well
  • They may be anorexic if they also fear weight gain