Work with Shauna

Is food, body and weight issues ruling your life?

Eating Psychology Coaching allows us to explore the current behaviours you have around food, body and weight.

Do you;

  • Binge, compulsively, under, emotionally or restrictively eat?
  • Vomit or use laxative or have done in the past?
  • Hate exercise and find it difficult to get motivated or excessively exercise?
  • Yo-yo diet are either on a diet eating everything or off it restricting?
  • Constantly think about food, body, shape and weight issues?
  • Have strong negative emotions towards yourself and your body?

Would you like to

  • Eat in a way that is right for you?
  • Be a normal eater?
  • Help your body find its natural weight?
  • No longer be preoccupied with food, body and weight issues?
  • Feel healthier, fitter and have more energy?
  • Would you like dieting to be a thing of the past?
  • Manage your emotions in other ways not relating to food?
12 steps

Why Coaching?

Think of your problems you have with eating, body shape and weight and ask yourself;

  • Would this benefit from a change in mindset?
  • How many times have I tired to solve this problem using an external solution like a diet plan or exercise regime?
  • How much time, energy and resources have you spent trying to change your MINDSET in relation to this?

Eating psychology coaching is about using psychological tools to help you understand and change behaviours through developing a different thought process or mindset.

It is about looking where you are at and helping you move towards your outcomes and goals by acquiring and practising new skills.

It is about overcoming obstacles and problematic behaviours and developing to lifelong permanent behaviours that create positive change.
Coaching is a partnership of helping you with your individual circumstances create change that is meaningful to your personal circumstances.


‘Shauna opened up something in me I didn’t even know was there.  She helped me to get right to the root of the problem and finally to shed my ‘armour’.  I feel healthier, fitter, younger and totally amazing; all thanks to Shauna’s help.’

‘After working with Shauna my body and mind are so much lighter and now I believe I will always be fab.’

‘My time with Shauna was an education into all of me – my psychology, biology and nutrition and my mental, emotional and physical health.  Shauna treated all of me, educated me and gave me a big lesson in compassion.  I understand myself a lot better.  I have a normal relationship with food now, one without labels and mixed up emotions.  One that is healthier and freer but leaves me ironically feeling more in control.