One Day Live

Online Retreat

One Day Live Online Retreat

The Reclaim Your Power Retreat was created just for you, because I know...

You want to change your relationship with your body and the food you eat forever – and wave goodbye to diets for good – in just five hours!

Are you ready to stop counting calories and start enjoying food? Love the body you’re in and reclaim your power on my dynamic Intuitive Eating retreat.

Learn the skills, strategies and tools you need to build a positive mindset towards food and body on my empowering one-day online retreat.

I Understand How You Feel...

You’ve spent years yo-yo dieting, the weight coming off then piling back on, and your body image skyrocketing and plummeting from season to season. You feel stuck, overwhelmed, exhausted and unconfident. Counting calories, exercising and poring over diet recipes is taking over your life. You know something needs to change – but what?

I was just like you. I started dieting at the age of 19, and it took many years – including a stint as a slimming class consultant – to realise I was going about everything the wrong way.

Your Future Self Will Thank You

Imagine what it would feel like to go to a restaurant and choose whatever you wanted from the menu. What freedom!

How would you like to go to a friend’s for dinner and enjoy every last morsel of food without an ounce of guilt or shame? How liberating!

Picture yourself on the beach this summer, laughing and enjoying life while wearing whatever you like and not even considering what other people might be thinking of you. (Truth bomb – everyone is too wrapped up in their own worries to give your appearance a second thought).

The Reclaim Your Power retreat will teach you how to go from dieter to Intuitive Eater, enabling you to reconnect with your mind and body signals to honour your physical and mental health.


…the Reclaim Your Power

one-day online retreat.

The workshop that will finally help you break free from being controlled by food and teach you the key principles of Intuitive Eating, so that you can unlock the best relationship with food and body ever!

What Makes This Different?

There are lots of diets and lifestyle plans designed to help you lose weight. What makes this approach different?

With the Reclaim Your Power retreat, you’ll discover that you don’t need food fads or exercise regimes to change your relationship with body and food forever.

Here’s how the Reclaim Your Power retreat is different…

1) It gives you the knowledge and skills to transform from long-term dieter to lifelong Intuitive Eater.

2) It opens up space for you to really think about what’s holding you back; giving you the chance to create a personalised food and body action plan to empower you to move forward with stellar confidence; and enabling you to step into your power.

3) I’ve worked on perfecting the contents of this workshop for years – as an expert Eating Psychology Coach, I know this approach works.

Reclaim Your Power In 5 Areas

Reclaim Your Power

  • Understand what happened to your power the factors that have impacted your eating including dieting.
  • Assess where you are at using the Intuitive Eater Assessment Scale
  • Learn the  5 stage roadmap to becoming an Intuitive Eater
  • Create your new future self as an Intuitive Eater
  • Discover and implement the three-step formula to permanent change.

Reconnect to Your Power

  • How to reconnect with your hunger and fullness signals
  • How to manage your mind when making food choices

Redirect Emotional Energy

  • How to find the balance with emotional eating

Rediscover Satisfaction

  • How to choose foods that will truly satisfy you and not feel guilty
  • Nutrition and Intuitive Eating

Rise-Up Stand In Your Power

  • Steps to increase your care

Everyone who takes part in the one-day Reclaim Your Power retreat will benefit from:

A digital workbook to help you simplify and embed what you learn.

Access to the retreat recording to re-watch at your leisure.

The Investment

Are you ready to ditch the dieting and deceit, replacing them with a real and authentic relationship with food and body?

Is it time to change your relationship with your body and the food you eat forever? To learn strategies and mindset shifts that will change that relationship and transform your life – for the rest of your life?

How many hundreds of pounds have you already spent on diet plans, slimming classes and faddy foods that haven’t helped you reach your goals? And what price would you put on your future health and wellbeing?

How about £97?

The Reclaim Your Power online retreat is available for the special investment of £97.

You can also spread the cost to suit your needs and budget:

One-off payment of £97

Two monthly payments of £48.50

Three monthly payments of just £32.50

All About Me

I’m Shauna, an Eating Psychology Coach and Intuitive Eating Counsellor.

I am highly qualified in Counselling and Life Coaching with speciality in the treatment of food and body issues including the treatment of eating disorders and disordered eating. I have thousands of clients hours over the last ten years in my private practice, helping hundreds of clients achieve their goals.

I was once just like you. I started my first diet aged 19, and was a yo-yo dieter for years. I even taught group slimming classes, with their fixation on pounds gained and lost. I became obsessive over food, body and weight. All my focus was on points, syns or calories; losses and gains. To me, food was either good or bad. I was either on-plan or off-plan. And the guilt and shame I experienced when I ate off-plan was unbearable.

What you’ll learn on this retreat is what I wish someone had shared with my younger self. Looking back, I realise I could have reclaimed my power, found peace with food and body, and rediscovered the pleasure of eating much earlier… If only I’d known about Intuitive Eating!

I’ve applied these principles to my own relationship with the food I eat and my own body. The result? I feel the best I’ve ever felt, I’ve become the most relaxed around food I’ve ever been, and I’ve reached physical goals I could have only dreamt of before… like running two marathons and completing an extreme challenge event. I never thought any of this would be possible for me – let alone that I’d have great fun while doing it.

This is why I couldn’t be more excited to lead this retreat, the one I’ve dreamed of offering for years in my own virtual way.

I can’t wait to meet you inside the Reclaim Your Power online retreat.

Is This For You?

The one-day Reclaim Your Power retreat is perfect for you if you’ve ever asked yourself…

How do I stop bingeing and have more control?

How can I eat without feeling guilt and shame all the time?

How can I stop yo-yo dieting and find balance?

Can anything or anyone help me stop being so obsessed over my weight?

Perhaps you:

Are brand new to Intuitive Eating and want a ‘tour guide’ to get you started.

Are already on the Intuitive Eating path and would like to pick up more insights on your journey.

Work with people in the areas of food and body, and are curious how Intuitive Eating will help you serve them better.

Whatever your situation, this is the self-care retreat you need!

If you’re still not sure whether the Reclaim Your Power retreat is the right fit for you.

check out what some of my previous clients have said:

“Shauna opened up something in me that I didn’t even know was there. I feel healthier, fitter, younger and totally amazing; all thanks to Shauna’s help.”

"I have discovered a lot about my irrational beliefs around food and dieting that have led to years of disordered eating such and compulsive, binge and secret eating..

I have rejected diet culture and I becoming attuned to my hunger cues, self care needs.. I feel like less stress around food. This will change your life. This is the best gift I have given myself."

“After working with Shauna, my body and mind are so much lighter.”

"Turned my life around, I have lost my compulsion with food, I crave nutritional food instead of crap and eat when hungry and stop when I have had enough and the changes in my body has been a massive help for my joints and mobility."

“The skills I’ve learnt will help me for the rest of my life.”

"Shauna changed my life! Food has lost the control over me. I am calmer, less anxious, and believe in myself more. I move more and don’t turn to food for the answer to everything.

Her reassuring and non judgemental way is so good for me. She has stopped me being so hard on myself and taught me to believe I can do anything!

Things have been changing steadily without me really noticing. And without any feeling of deprivation. In fact it’s been the total opposite!"

"A working progress - yet, I have realised and achieved a compassion for myself, in combination with appreciating the toxicity in the unhealthy promotion of food and body image.

I have learnt to channel out idyllic imagery and focus upon my eating disorder. I have discovered what binge eating is. I have been enlightened to how my relationship with food is interconnected with my life experiences.

Additionally, Shauna has instilled a peace within my mantra, I am more accepting of who I am and shame, whilst still present, does not hold me back from taking charge of my goals and having a level of self-acceptance."

The Time Is Now!

After you’ve taken part in this retreat, I bet – like me – you’ll wish you’d discovered Intuitive Eating years ago. But we can’t travel back in time, so the best time to start is NOW.

Book your spot on my Reclaim Your Power retreat to start making changes in your life that will last ALL of your life.

Remember – it’s not too late to feel amazing and nurture a positive and lasting relationship with food and body. Let me help you on that journey!


Do you have questions about the Reclaim Your Power online retreat? Well, I have answers!

View this retreat as a time to indulge in self-care, an opportunity to invest in your future health and a chance to relax. Ensure you tell your family and friends that you’re not available for the day so that you can give yourself time to work on YOU and complete the retreat. Wear comfortable clothes that you can relax in. Prepare snacks and your lunch ahead of time so you can grab them during breaks in learning. Ensure you keep a bottle of water, pen and journal nearby. And finally, tune out all other distractions – this is your time to work on your relationship with your body and food, to help you make positive, long-lasting changes in your life.

Yes. There are ten-minute breaks scheduled at the end of each module so you can have a stretch, look over the notes you’ve made or do your own thing! There’s also a longer break for lunch – I recommend you have a healthy lunch and snacks prepared in advance.

There’s nothing quite like attending a live event. The energy you receive from your teacher and the buzz you get from the learning experience are unreal. However, we all have our own schedules and busy lives to lead, so if you can’t make one of my training dates and join me live, then the recorded modules will be sent to you two weeks later.

Not everyone is comfortable being on screen, and that’s absolutely fine! You can choose to switch off your camera or mute your microphone so you focus only on the teaching taking place. Whatever you wish to do to feel comfortable, do it!

Think about the hundreds of pounds you’ve already spent on slimming clubs and diet plans. Your investment of £97 in this retreat is an investment in yourself and your future. You can even split the cost over three months to make it more affordable. Believe me, you won’t regret treating yourself to this gift, which will empower you to break free from being controlled by food forever.


I offer retreats throughout the year, so

sign up to my mailing list

to stay informed or check back in future to see if you can find one to suit your schedule. Alternatively

book now

and, if you find you can’t make the day, you’ll receive a link to the recorded workshop, which you can access at any time. As for not having time to implement changes; this is a mindset shift which you’ll carry with you forever. You can use your recording of the retreat and your Intuitive Eating Visualisation any time you need a boost and a reminder of your newfound skills.

Believe in yourself – of course you are! You don’t need a degree in psychology to understand what I’m going to teach you on this retreat. Just listen, watch and absorb the lessons to make a difference to your life.

This approach is different. Intuitive Eating isn’t about calorie counting or jumping on the scales each week. I know that the multimillion-pound diet industry has done us a great disservice. It has disconnected us from ourselves, from our internal thoughts and feelings. As a result, dieting has become pervasive in society, impacting the actions we take in life, and keeping us distracted from what really matters. Intuitive Eating gives you psychological tools to empower you to create a healthy relationship with food and body. What’s more, research proves that this method works.

Reserve Your Spot Today

Sign up to the Reclaim Your Power online retreat today, and discover how to reconnect to your body, enjoy eating again, benefit from increased wellbeing and optimism, and appreciate and accept your body.

Humans are amazing. We have great potential and the right to feel at home in our own bodies, to experience the richness and fullness of life through our bodies. Spending a lifetime obsessed with food, weight, eating and body issues distracts us from being who we really are, limits our potential and holds us back from becoming the best possible version of ourselves.

I’m ready to help you on this journey – join me!

And remember, if you have any questions, just contact me!

I can’t wait to meet you inside the Reclaim Your Power online retreat.

What are you waiting for?