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You and I both know diets don’t work!

But it doesn’t stop you from trying over and over again. 

You’re stuck in a cycle of deprivation and guilt. One minute dieting and restricting the next eating everything in sight all the while beating yourself up, calling yourself the most awful things, feeling guilt and shame and vowing to start again.  

There is a better way! I know because I have found it. I have reclaimed my power over food, body and weight and its my mission and passion to help you! 


Eating Psychology Coach

Fully qualified, Eating Psychology Coach and Intuitive Eating Counsellor with over 10 years experience in coaching people on food, body, eating, shape and weight issues from a psychological perspective.

Transformational Programmes

Learn how to go from dieter to intuitive eater. Reconnect with your mind and body signals to honour your physical and mental health. Offering private personal coaching, corporate and community workshops and programmes tailored to suit.

Original Intuitive Eating Pros Trained
Institute for the psychology of eating
National Centre for eating disorders
FIT Advanced Practitioner